The Carroll Center hosts a DFW Area Carroll Alumni Gathering

March 30, 2016
The DFW alumni group gathered together on Saturday March 19th in order to catch up with old friends, meet new ones, and of course enjoy some good food. It was a diverse group that met. This group included graduated students, fellows, senior fellows, the chancellor of Carroll, and some of their families as well.

Carroll’s Chancelor, Russell Dilday and wife, Betty, our very first Carroll graduate MAR (Pres. Gene Wilkes and wife, Kim, in background along with Dir. of Bus. Affairs, Bruce Muskrat)
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During the meeting we took a few moments to share some of our stories about our experience at Carroll and what Carroll has meant to us. Two of these stories were particularly poignant. First, Dr. John Swann said he was thankful for how well Carroll built up the bride of Christ. He was honored to be a part of an institution that not only championed quality theological education but also celebrated and equipped the church. Second, Dr. Jim Spivey voiced his thankfulness for two sets of people. He thanked the alumni for having faith in Carroll, especially the ones who began their programs before Carroll was accredited. He then thanked Dr. Russell Dilday, our chancellor, for his kind words of encouragement prior to the establishment of Carroll. Dr. Spivey credited Dr. Dilday’s reassurance as a strong motivator in the formation of the institute.

The theme of our time together was the importance of the alumni sharing our stories with the ones around us. We, the alumni of Carroll, are the greatest marketing tool that Carroll has. We need to speak for Carroll so its mission and vision can spread. This event was primarily for the alumni in the DFW area, but rest assured there will be more alumni meetings coming, probably one in your area.


One response to “The Carroll Center hosts a DFW Area Carroll Alumni Gathering”

  1. Chahee Lee says:

    Dear, my honored faculites
    How have you been?
    I am in South Korea and also teaching at a few seminaries as a teaching fellow.
    Also currently am I studying at Academy of Korean studeis as a doctoral student in the fields of
    Korean Christianity and Bible Translation. This Academy is operated by Korean Government for
    the development of Korean studies realted with Korean culture. I have participated in two year
    project about re-examing one of the most important English journals, Transaction, as a research-assistant.
    Also this year, I have applied to another project “modern Korean translation of the Bible” under my supervisor
    Dr S.H. Lee who has been a honored professor in Korea. He had his degree at Princeton and at Drew.

    I am so excited to hear that our alumni group together around DFW. I pray that God would bless continually
    our B.H. Carroll Theological Institute to be one of the most biblical and godly seminaries around the world.
    I want to give my best regard to my advisor Dr. Timothy Pierce, Dr. Bruce Corely, Dr. Jimmie Nelson.
    Also I do really say, “thank you,” to Dr. Karren Bullock. She has been a great teacher for me to finish my
    journey to a doctoral degree…

    Most Sicerely Chahee John Lee

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