Gerald E. Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies

Our Mission

The Marsh Center partners to equip chaplains, to provide solutions for their ministry, and to advocate on behalf of chaplaincy.

Our Team

The Marsh Center is an interfaith advisory team of highly experienced professional chaplains. It brings critical insight, guidance, and support from many perspectives to equip, research, and advocate for chaplain ministry. 

We collaborate with other chaplain agencies, faith groups and educational institutions to prepare chaplains to meet tomorrow’s ministry needs. 

Our ‘think-tank’ is a forum for chaplains of all types to research issues, provide adaptive and creative solutions, and advocate publicly for chaplain ministry.

Our Leadership

Jim Browning
Director, Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies.

Jim Browning earned five degrees: BA in Psychology, the University of Texas at Arlington; (Arlington, TX); M.Div, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ft. Worth TX); MS in Mass Communication, Boston University (Boston, MA); MS in Air War College Strategic Studies, Air University (Maxwell AFB, AL); D.Min, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ft. Worth TX).  He completed almost 30 years as a United States Air Force Chaplain, retiring with the rank of Colonel. 

Jim Spivey
Associate Director, Marsh Center for Chaplain Studies.

Jim Spivey is a graduate of Auburn University (Alabama) where he earned a BA degree in Political Science. He also earned an M.Div. degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (Ft. Worth TX) and a D.Phil. degree from the University of Oxford (England). He served as a United States Army Reserve Chaplain, retiring with the rank of Brigadier General.

Our Purpose

Chaplaincy is the fastest growing ministry in America. Chaplains minister to persons of all faiths in a wide variety of non-religious settings. This requires a specialized set of knowledge and skills to meet a broad range of human needs. 

We work with theological institutions to develop materials to train both new and experienced chaplains and to engage them in lifelong learning. This curriculum cultivates competencies for a unique ministry that reaches beyond the scope of traditional seminary coursework. It provides solid academic preparation that is theological, practical, and relevant for those who minister in settings where other religious workers rarely go.

The Marsh Center epitomizes the legacy of Dr. Gerald E. Marsh: U.S. Air Force Mobilization Assistant to the Chief of Chaplains and 40-year seminary professor of pastoral ministry.

Our Objectives

We provide

  • collaborative opportunities to develop and share master’s and doctoral curricular material designed to address basic and advance chaplain skills and competencies.
  • an inter-faith forum that researches issues and develops solutions related to chaplain ministry.

We advocate

  • in the public square concerning issues that influence, promote, and sustain effective chaplain ministry.