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Faces of Carroll: Joseph Cathey

September 26, 2019
There are many reasons why our students, professors, and teaching churches choose B. H. Carroll Theological Institute. So many, that we decided to round up some of our favorite stories in this series: The Faces of Carroll.

Join us in learning more about the Faces of Carroll…

Joseph Cathey

Resident Fellow: Hebrew, Old Testament Intro, Prophets, Pentateuch, Biblical Backgrounds, Old Testament Theology

Joe Cathey

What motivated you to teach at Carroll?

The outstanding faculty and the teaching model of reestablishing the pastor-scholar in individual churches.

Could you tell us some additional information about your teaching ministry?

I am a full-time professor at B. H. Carroll but I am also a discipleship minister at my local church.

What is an example of a great moment for you in teaching at Carroll?

One of the more moving times I have had at Carroll was my week-long teaching trip to Cuba. The students were very hungry for the Word and were awesomely engaged in reflecting on what it meant to be a Christian within the Cuban society. I felt as if each student (30+) interacted with me as a professor either vocally (by asking questions concerning the lectures) or built relationships with me after class. This was one of the most engaged classes I have ever taught in 25 + years of teaching. Not a single class went by without multiple questions for clarification, praxis, or suggestions for going deeper in the text. I learned as much or more than did my Cuban students. Their love for Christ was overwhelming.

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