From the President

equality 450
7 months ago
Each time we are faced with the issue I am reminded that without a heart changed by a relationship with Jesus Christ, I will be writing about this again in the future. 
stewardship 450
8 months ago
A sense of being sent or of being on mission for Christ can motivate you to bold action. Being sent never begs the question, “What should I do today?”
crisis 450
9 months ago
If you want to know what someone believes, or, holds valuable, watch what he or she does—not in a moment, not on a stage, not in a crowd but daily over a long period of time, especially when under pressure.
storm 450
11 months ago
How can your school emerge from this crisis better than it was before?
1 year ago
Dr. Gene Wilkes provides an update on B.H. Carroll’s steady operations in the midst of uncertain times.